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Pest Control – Pest Infestation Investigations

Pest infestation is becoming more common every year

Mainly due to our changing lifestyles that are creating a safe-haven for rats. It’s not unusual for rats and pest to find their way into your home. When they do this the problem can quickly escalate into a large infestation in your home. This can then become an environmental health hazard and is unpleasant for the people occupying the property.

Pest infestation – Rodents and Rats are always in the sewers, they use drains as there own motorway system. If your drainage has damage to the pipework this will allow rats out of the system allowing them to explore your property. If the pipework is incorrectly installed this often means they have escape routes into your home. Once they are in your home they will not leave of their own accord this is where we help.

What we can do

We offer a rat investigation service we use CCTV (or Rat Cam) equipment to inspect your drains for damage, bad installations or redundant pipework. We use a variety of methods to thoroughly test your system. Work closely with pest controllers that can bait the system to control the rats. We are happy for your pest controller to be present during our investigation.

This is terribly important work, as pest infestation can cause ongoing damage to your drainage system and inturn your home. As well as the personal discomfort and stress of knowing you have a pest infestation, the cost of damage can become even more of a shock. If you think you may have a pest infestation problem, then let us carry out an investigation to put your mind at rest.

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