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Grease Dosing Systems

Grease Problems sorted with Dosing Systems

We provide an alternative to grease traps. This is very handy if there is no room for a grease trap. Grease & Fat are the number 1 cause of blockages in commercial properties such as restaurants and pubs.

Our dosing systems are only supplied and fitted by ourselves. They are battery operated no need for wiring this gives the potential to be installed almost anywhere. This system works by injecting grease eating Enzymes into the drain after the kitchen is closed, the enzymes will eat any fat deposits that have entered the system. This will stop the grease build up in the pipe, reducing the chance of major blockages & smells associated with it.

We carry all the spare parts for our units and enzymes for whenever they are needed. We will come and fit the enzymes at your convenience. We can offer the bottles in sizes of 5l or 20l dependant on your requirements.

Meets Regulations & Independently Approved
Commercial kitchens without an effective means of grease removal may contravene UK regulations. We provide an effective form of grease removal – that can legally work with grease traps or on alone.

It’s important to regularly check your drainage systems for build of grease and fats as these can seriously damage your drains. If you’re a commerical premises, your business could be closed while repairing drains that could have have been maintained with regualr inspections and good control of grease problems and fats.

Contact us to arrange an inspection and help to prevent any serious issues arising in the future.

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