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Wiltshire Drain Repairs

Drain Repairs

Drain repairs is what we are known for. We unblock, re-route and clean drains for residential and commercial property.

ADS only use quality, industry accredited tools and equipment and our staff are specialists in this field.

Some of our drainage services:

  • Repairs
  • Installation
  • Cleaning
  • Excavations

Keeping your drains in good repair is essential. You should have your drains inspected to ensure you’re not building up bigger problems in the future.

As a property owner/occupier you are responsible for the maintenance of the plumbing inside your property. For example, all pipework, water tanks, taps and overflows the service pipe from your property to the street boundary including any pipework crossing third party land. If you are unsure about the route of your supply, contact your water company for advice on location and responsibility.

Important – safe earthing of your property for homes built before 1966. It used to be common practice for the incoming customer supply pipe to be used for electrical earthing. If you suspect your property may be earthed using the water supply pipe, it’s important you contact your electricity company or a qualified electrician for advice.

At All Drainage Systems, we’re happy to carry out regular checks and advise you of any issues that may affect your drains – this can lead to reducing expensive bills in the future.

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