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Yes – Trespassing

Yes – Trespassing

Your responsibilities as a landowner don’t always stop at your front door. If you own land which can be accessed by the public, regardless of whether you have notices telling them not to, you can end up being responsible for any injury they may incur. Yes, it seems unfair that it’s your property, you’ve fenced it off and fitted signs telling people to keep out, that you could still be prosecuted – but hey, who claimed the law was a fair playground.

One of our clients had some woodland at the back of her property, where despite warnings, people would venture onto in order to find their ‘lost dogs’. On this occasion everyone was lucky, the ‘trespasser’ made a point of informing the landowner that a septic tank cover was severely eroded and could be a problem. The owner was not even aware that the septic tank still existed as it was connected to a derelict outbuilding, she took immediate action to cover it with a pallet and called us. We were able to refurbish the opening and obtain a new cast iron manhole to make everything safe again.

Of course, this story could have had a far more dire outcome. The condition of the old cover was so bad anyone could have easily put their foot straight through it, apart from nasty injury, it could have got worse, as anyone could have disappeared in the septic tank for a long time.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending and illustrates that we are not just the people to ring when your toilet is blocked. If you have any issue with any drainage system, then call us for an honest, professional appraisal.


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