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It is raining here also!

It is raining here also!

Quite simply, YES. Over the last 100 years we have seen increased rainfall across the UK, most of which is attributed to climate change and we’ve all seen the devasting effects that flooding has had. Add to this the increase in new houses being built, there is less room for this rainfall to drain away, so it finds it’s natural path and places that never used to experience floods, are seeing more and more instances of rainwater ‘pooling’.

Even if your property does not flood, there can be hidden, more slow effects. The most common is of course damp. It can take a long time before anyone notices that damp has taken a grip. The visual appearance and odours are not always immediately obvious, when they are it can be an expensive job to rectify.

It’s good practice to observe any standing water you notice on or around your property that doesn’t quickly drain away. Over the past couple of years we have noticed a significant increase in the need to install Channel Drains, to direct rainwater away from walls.

With the likelihood of rainfall levels to carry on increasing, it’s worth keeping an eye on your property and call us if you think you need to solve a problem, or even better to prevent one from happening.


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